my 27th birthday

All photos by Justine Miller

Here are a handful of photos from my birthday last weekend. I loved getting everything together. A few of my favorite parts are the plates and the table, both from my grandparents. The table is 100+ years old and the plates are their first nice set of dishes after they were married. 
I had the cake made at Roth's and it was so delicious. 
We had dinner catered from Wild Pear, I went with our wedding menu. 
It was just as good as I barely remembered. 
The beautiful bouquet was a gift from my sweet friend, Meaghan. Thank you.
Thank you to Justine for the beautiful photos and to her and her husband for making us fresh cocktails that night. blood orange margarita! yes.
I was so spoiled that day and the days leading up to and even after my birthday. Thanks to my best friend for coming from Seattle and always making my birthday so special. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and to those that made my birthday special. And of course, a big thank you to my sweet husband for encouraging my love of birthdays and helping me with everything from set up, picking up the food and reheating it, to cleaning up in the morning, to everything else. 


  1. SO beautiful! I've always been obsessed with your bar cart- the best thing to inherit! The colors are just so refreshing and lovely, happy birthday Sam!!!

  2. So beautiful and tasteful as always!! You do such a good job styling! Happy birthday!


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